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A PhD candidate in video games for education and social change, Susannah is also an experienced game developer. Over several years, Susannah has worked on many game projects that explore the ability of video games to communicate ideas and experiences across social and/or cultural divides, and games for social change. Projects Susannah has been involved with have focused on areas such as cross cultural collaboration with Indigenous Australian communities, mental health awareness, gender equality, games focusing on Australian Curriculum content areas, and game based projects designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

Susannah has been recognised for her work in games and was proud to be mentioned as a part of the MCV Pacific 2017 Women In Games List, as well as named on the2015 and 2016 MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 games industry lists.

Featured Game: Hannah

Currently Susannah is working with Lotus Media Studios, together with artist Andrew Taylor on ‘Hannah’, a video game that helps family and friends to develop practical and language skills to support those experiencing Domestic Violence. We have hopes that Hannah will not only help family and friends of domestic violence victims, but also that the game will bring greater awareness of the many complex issues faced by those experiencing DV.

If you’d like to keep up to date with Hannah and the development process of the game, feel free to like our Facebook page. You can also check out the article about Hannah on Gizmodo for some more info about the game.

Hannah Game Facebook Page

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Hannah's Photograph: Thorns

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Featured Game: Breathe Interactive Narrative

Breathe by Lotus Media Studios is a free Interactive Narrative chat game that works through Facebook Messenger. This interactive experience explores anxiety through the lens of cheesy but awesome 90’s horror. As you play, you’ll talk with school and workmate Cleo. You’ll get to know all about her as you chat with her, and if she trust you, you could end up helping Cleo through a night you won’t forget!
To play Breathe for free using Facebook Messenger, visit the following link:

Play Breathe