The Grand Modesto and his Outstanding Illusionists

Snapshots from the life and times of a group of travelling Edwardian era illusionists – with maybe just a little bit of real magic!
The Modesto Gallery

Past Lives

Objects can live much longer than their owners and are sometimes passed on through several generations. As we interact with them, these items are shaped by these interactions and the passage of time – they tell the story of the lives they have lived. Wear and tear, scratches and damage, rust and oxidisation all make these objects completely unique – their beauty lies in their individuality.
Past Lives Gallery

Looking Backwards

An exploration of vintage cameras, looking back on the cameras themselves. This is probably the first time most of these cameras have been photographed – they have spent their lives being the ones taking the shots. This series looks backwards at the face of these cameras, as well as looking backwards through time, highlighting the ageing, wear and tear and unique nature of these cameras through the utilisation of specialised lighting techniques.
Looking Backwards Gallery


The Cambridge Dictionary defines patience as “the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining”. This little word has had a dramatic place in the lives of humankind throughout history: the way we wait for loved ones, the way abandoned buildings beg to be used again, the way the hands of the clock count as we wait, second by second…
Patience Gallery

Contemporary Art

A gallery of contemporary artworks, commissioned by artists who trusted Susannah to capture the heart and soul of their pieces.
Contemporary Art Gallery

“The lighting has indeed been the hero of these images, and the layering of the elements… made the viewing experience incredibly rich. There’s just so much story to take in and enjoy with these images.”